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SALON is a gathering of dedicated decorative painters from around the world coming together to exhibit their work and discuss old and new techniques, products, and information in the field.

SALON, which began in 1992 in Belgium with a small gathering of professionals, reconvened in 1996 and has been coming together in growing numbers every year since and now is recognized as the most important and significant gathering of decorative painters in the world.

The purpose of SALON is to keep the art of decorative painting lively and vigorous, create public awareness and to elevate the level of skill of this ancient craft. Participants vest their respective resources and time voluntarily to attend this renowned event each year as a reflection of their passion for the craft.

Participants of SALON include teachers from schools as well as those who are independent commercial craftspeople. SALON is a way for some of the most unique traditions within the field of decorative arts to be shared amongst one another and ultimately, passed onto participants' students.

SALON events historically showcase well over 100 premier decorative painters from over twenty- five countries. The likes of Master Dutch Painters, four Best Craftsmen in France Award Winners, Published Authors, Smithsonian Educators, and some of Britain's most decorated painters congregate to contribute technique, information and vision.

The opportunity enhances and extends the level of communication between serious and committed craftsmen.

SALON is also a way for visitors and the outside public to experience the high quality of work present and meet the real masters of this craft. Ongoing demonstrations and an exhibit hall allow visitors and participants to view works specifically created for the SALON.

SALON is free to the public.

Interior design, Architects, design students, artists, building industry, homeowners or anyone else looking to be inspired by these amazing talents should come.

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In order to participate in salon you must do the following:

• Contact Salon Host, send a short Bio and career history highlighting relevant information for yourself and work.

• Include photos of work that you would like the board to review. Include website information and any other information you deem relevant.

• If you have any questions you may call or write Host. 206-650-1023, cathy@cathyconner.com or info@salonseattle2014.com

The Board will make a decision in 1-2 weeks.

DEADLINE for entry April 1 2014. (please note that it is up to salon host to accept entries after this deadline date)

** If you are not accepted this time around to Salon please do not be discouraged. This is a very stimulating and enlightening event and will give you further insight to what the direction is for the next years Salon.

You may consider attending salon and all it activities by just registering for the lunches and dinner. If you would like the tshirt and swag bag etc,then the fee of $50 should be applied.

TO ATTEND SALON: Attendance to the public is free. If you would like to take part in the dinners, lunches and other festivities regarding salon participation you must register for all those items and for the attendee classification.

TO VOLUNTEER: We need many volunteers and it is such a fun JOB. You will receive lunch, t-shirts and other perks.

If you would like to volunteer please contact Cathy or Michelle at info@salonseattle2014.com, or cathy@cathyconner.com

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Randolph Algera
iLia Anossov
Annabel Armstrong
Pascal Amblard
Shunsei Araki
Susan Arnild
Isabelle Arpagian
Dru Blair
Mats Carlsson
Jennifer Carrasco
Walter Cipriani
Borman Cynthia
Cathy Conner
Carolina d'Ayala Valva
Johan Elenbaas
Hakan Engstrom
Pierre Finkelstein
Julien Gautier
Victor Goikoetxea
Karl Groissenberger
Natali Hallberg
Masao Hanawa
Sheri Hunt
Niels Jongdahl
Yaeko Kurimata
Patrick Laheyne
Lecat Bonnie
Stefano Luca
Caterina Manisco
Andre Martinez
Lucretia Moroni
Helen Morris
Gert-Jan Nijsse
Lotta Olsson
Arvids Ploksata
Yoshimi Koizumi
Marcus Racic
Mark Richter
Tatiana Rugers
Lynne Rutter
Jean Sable
Mutsmi Saito
Jeanne Schnupp
Friederike Schulz
Dean Sickler
Nina Slezak
Doreen Sharabati
Chantal Siebens + Jan Lermytte
Roger Studsrud
Inge Andre Visnes
David Williams
Lori Wilson
Michiel N.D. van de Laar
Minoru Kogure
Patricia Swanson
Marie Vanesse
Curd Vercruysse
Barre Verkerke
Nicola Vigini
Heidi Zilmer
Arlene Mcloughlin
Mike Colkett
Ross O'Neal
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Inscription Participant - $80
Guest - $50
Lunch Thursday - $23
Lunch Friday - $23
Lunch Saturday - $23
Lunch Sunday - $23
Opening Dinner - $93
Closing dinner - $115
Post Salon Activities- We'll update you on the array of fun adventures that await you. Please pay in person once in Seattle.
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Salon 2014 host: Cathy Conner

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